Hurricane Borehole Pump Selection

Hurricane Pumps stock 2 inches, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and 6-inch pumps. A borehole motor varies in Kilowatts and width that vary from 2 inches up to 12 inches. You get two types of motors one cooled by water and the other by vegetable oil. The hurricane motor is cooled by vegetable oil why vegetable because if the motor is hit by lightning and ruptures it won’t poison your water.

  • The Hurricane PLUSS motors are run High-grade H class copper which can run at over 180 degrees.
  • The Hurricane PLUSS pumps are all fitted with ceramic bushes which extends the life of the wet-end as it tolerates more sand in the water.

We supply incredibly robust motors with the exception of armature winding and high-grade copper able to handle temperatures of up to 180 degrees celsius. 

We stock 2 in, 3, 4 and 6-inch motors however our 380-volt ranch is only in 4 and 6 inches. Our motors should last you at least 10 years three elements can reduce the life of motor:

  1. Incorrectly sized motor for the water lifting capacity of the pump.
  2. Electricity supply being compromised
  3. Water quality and to explain the motor turns a shaft which has impellors if they are impeded through by sand or damage because of water acidity then that in turn will apply undue pressure on the motor.

We find that due to sand left in the hole from drilling is the biggest cause of failure on both motor and pump section.

The motor is chosen by its Kilowatts which in turn is determined by the hight that water is pushed to. So as an example if you need to push water 80 meters you need a 0.75 KW motor. However, you can call us or email us and we will help you determine the correct size for your solution.

You need to have the following information to make the correct decisions:

  1. Depth of borehole ( how many meters has hole been drilled to )
  2. Water table height ( water is number meters below ground? )
  3. Amount of water in your borehole ( trickle or river )
  4. Hight of and distance of your water collection point ( Water Tank to Hole )

Several elements can change the life of the borehole and the motor. 

  1. Maintenance ( cleaning of the hole )
  2. Good gravel pack around the hole
  3. Slotting of the casing that lines the hole ( keep sand out of the hole )
  4. The type of material the hole is in ( some holes have excessive iron-bearing rock which enters the water as an example )